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How We Work

Fixed Price

We take your Predefined Requirements and provide you with a cost, timeline and a statement of work. Both the price and the scope of work are set in the SOW and neither change without agreement from both parties.  This model is ideal for small-mid sized projects where there are no unknowns and requirements are clearly defined.

Time & Material

This is one of the most efficient pricing models as it offers our custom­ers enormous flexibility and control over their budget. We agree on
an hourly rate/per resource at the start of the project and provide detailed reports on how the time was utilized.  This model allows our customers to quickly and efficiency respond to market needs and is best suited for mid sized projects with many unknowns or projects in maintenance phase.

Dedicated Teams

In this model, our engineering team works as an offshore extension of your team. We agree on a fixed cost per resource/per month at the beginning of the project. Our Engineering Team Members provide a Daily Status report of what was accomplished and participate in reg­ular meetings to demonstrate the work. This model works best for large projects which are constantly evolving.

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